Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ever so much more than twenty

Happy 30th Birthday to Me

Thanks to my mum for these awesome totes and bags
from thirtyone.  Couldn't wait one more year, eh Mum?
No complaints here.  I was definitely in need. <3

A new place to keep my kindle and a fancy little lunch bag as well as a loverly HUGE tote so I can quit using my $60 fossil bag to carry children's math problems home.

 I can't wait to start using them.

As a pocket fiend, I find myself extremely satisfied with these gifts.

Thanks to Kristie and the Fujiyama Steakhouse for these delicious desserts.  So sweet of Fuji to include a candle even after I denied them their obligatory honor to sing loudly to me while banging on a gong.

You're welcome, staff of Fujiyama. :D


You might be asking yourself why this obviously friendly and unimposing girl is taking a picture of herself blowing out her birthday candle.

Since Adam was out of town for work and I unfortunately developed the massive tummy rumblings that can only occur from eating too many garlic shrimp. . .I had to put off my cake for another day.

So, while I was alone when I blew out my candle, I implore you to save your tears for the birds.  I was surrounded by my best friends. . .cake and cupcake.

       I have really delicious friends.

With the house to myself, I threw on some Modern Family and painted to my heart's content.  A pretty good birthday gift from me if I do say so myself.

50 points to Gryffindor (and Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and YES, even Slytherin because I really think Rowling missed the boat on that one since she should have taken a cue from her own characters in that we all have light and dark within us and it's what we do that matters and some of the Slytherins should have risen to the task and shown everyone that they're not one dimensional) if you can guess which album cover I'm currently working on, shown above.

Thanks to my Nana, my Mum, my sisters Keeks and Mollie Squallie, the ever-awesome Kristie, and my Meems for the cards and your love!!

I also appreciate all of the birthday wishes on Facebook from my friends and family.
You guys all rock super hard!!

 This card, in particular, truly spoke to me.  I wonder why. ;)
Thanks, Melissa & Jon.

And Adam's gift to me (so far) are these awesome curtains from
World Market.
I love them!!

With Adam home, a trip to Goodwill was immediately necessary.
I was able to pick up 3 new pairs of pants (2 of them actually new with tags and never worn) all in all probably a $140 value for just $65.
"Not too shabby of a birthday week," she says as she blows on her knuckles and polishes them on her new pants that she just realized are dry clean only.

Although it's not supposed to be an actual birthday gift (says the great and powerful Adam), we're supposed get me a new vacuum since the one that was a hand-me-down when we got it from my in-laws has been broken down for weeks (and these floors can only be cleaned with packing tape shoes for so long). . .I am not above practical and somewhat domestic presents.
Bring on the Dyson!!!

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